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Who we are - Cantina Bentu

In the wild north west of Sardinia, where the wind, the stone and the sea blend into a unique terroir, rises Bentu. Our name, which in Sardinian means "wind", evokes the natural element that characterizes this corner of Sardinia and which is found in the wines produced from our grapes

Our history is rooted in a passion for wines and for Sardinia, an island of uncontaminated beauty and ancient winemaking traditions. Starting from the work in the vineyard, our commitment is to genuinely tell this corner of Sardinia, promoting the territory through excellent products

The history of Bentu is intertwined with that of the island itself, a tale of dedication and love for wine that began in the early twentieth century. Since then, our family has cultivated and enhanced native vines, preserving an oenological heritage that is an authentic expression of Sardinia

We produce wines exclusively from native vines, with a constant commitment to recovering and enhancing them. Our philosophy is based on respect for nature and sustainability, elements that are reflected in the quality of our wines

The Cantina Bentu is a project to enhance some native vines such as Bovale, Cagnulari and Arvesiniadu, which are as much part of the Sardinian heritage as the nuraghi that dot the landscape of the island

Our Livanti wine, an Arvesiniadu IGT Isola dei Nuraghi, is the purest expression of our commitment. It is a wine that speaks of our land, a white that embodies the flavors and aromas of authentic Sardinia 2 .

In Cantina Bentu, each bottle is a journey through time and taste, an invitation to discover and fall in love with Sardinia, an island that never ceases to amaze.

Contacts: To find out more about our history, our wines and cellar visits, contact us: Email: info@cantinabentu.it Telephone: +39 328 3326256

Visit us and let yourself be transported by the flavors and aromas of a timeless land