Wines of Sardinia

A passion for wines, and for Sardinia

The wind, the stone, the sea. Sardinia

The wind

Béntu is the Sardinian word that indicates wind, a natural element that characterizes this corner of Sardinia and is found in the wines produced from our grapes.

Here the wind blows all year round, bringing with it flavors and aromas from remote places.

The stone

Stone, a distinctive sign of the island and its history. So characterizing that it defines some of the Sardinian regions, such as the Granite in Gallura, the Schist in Stintino and the Limestone in Nurra. We planted our vines precisely in the historic region of Nurra, with soil rich in clay and limestone which gives breadth of aromas and an exceptional body to our wines.

The sea

In this corner of Sardinia the sea is a constant presence. Even if you don't see it, you sense it, you smell its scent in the air which mixes with that of the helichrysum. Just as we perceive the presence of the sea, our vines also allow themselves to be embraced by the sea, and our wines are a direct emanation of it.